Welcome to Commit 2 design, a blog where I share my designs as freebies a couple of times a month. These resources are byproduct of my habit of designing something every day.


How it all started? Why Commit 2 Design?

Even though I come from a web development background, designing has always being what attracts me the most. Being a great web designer has always being one of my top goals.

On December 2015 I decided to make a much bigger effort to reach that goal, so I asked myself what if I’d take the time to design every day of 2016? Probably I’d learn a lot more than designing something here and there. So I made a personal challenge to create more and share them publicly.

Why is this online?

I was feeling the necessity of having stronger reasons to complete the challenge, so I decided to create this blog and publicly share the resources. It’s not just about me anymore, now it’s a public commitment I got to honor.

Also it gives me the opportunity to gather feedback from other designers, share opinions and learn from them. Also maybe and just maybe this blog could inspire others to take action to achieve their goals.

Practice makes perfect

According to the Learning pyramid, there are different rates of retention. Go for practicing by doing and make immediate use of what you learn is the safer path to be a master at your craft.